Can CBD help supercharge athletic performance?


Can CBD help supercharge athletic performance?

     In recent years, more people are searching for alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical painkillers and opiate drugs. Now, they are reaching for natural, non-pharmaceutical products like CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis.

One of the greatest supposed benefits of CBD is its potential to manage pain. For world-class athletes, this is proving to be a game-changer.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 120 compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD works within your body’s endocannabinoid system to help to regulate functions such as reducing pain and inflammation, heal injured bones, promoting better sleep and serving as an overall neuroprotectant.

It was these benefits and more that inspired Mike Kolb to found Xwerks, a health and wellness-focused brand dedicated to providing top-notch hemp-derived oils to supercharge athletic recovery.

“It started with wanting to create products that I wanted to use,” said Kolb. “I had a background in the supplement space but had not yet worked on the type of products I personally wanted to use. I started out creating a pre-workout product and we are now at seven products and plan to add more.”

Like many others, Kolb first learned about CBD through its ability to reduce seizures.

After CBD was removed from the banned substances list of both the U.S. and World Anti-Doping Agencies, it was clear to Kolb that CBD was the way of the future for optimal athlete recovery.

“It became pretty clear it could be greatly beneficial for athletes and once WADA cleared CBD for use in Olympic athletes, I knew I wanted to pursue launching our own CBD products.” Kolb said.

Elite CrossFit athlete like Xwerks brand ambassador Alex Anderson are living proof of how top-quality CBD products can positively impact performance and boost recovery.

While Xwerks is great for young, athletic and active people, that’s far from the only use someone could get from their line of CBD products.

“Our customers are typically 25-35 very active individuals looking to better recover from their workouts, but we do see some older/elderly customers using our CBD products for various reasons,” said Kolb. “My father and uncle, for example, both use it to help their arthritis.”

With study after study proving the effectiveness of CBD to help manage pain from issues like arthritis while improving bone health, quality of sleep and deterring neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis, the cannabinoid can be a great choice for people of any age.

Another key part of the rise of CBD is its position as a non-addictive alternative to oft-prescribed opiates. Former pro athletes like retired NHL player Ryan VandenBussche, retired NFL linebacker David Ahrens and former NHL winger Riley Cote all advocate for CBD use for recovery and as an alternative to opiates, swearing by its healing effects and health benefits.

And that’s the key for Kolb. Despite some commonly held misconceptions about CBD, like that it’ll get you high or that it’s addictive, Kolb wants the public to know that his top-quality Xwerks products are more than just some “magic weed pill,” he said.

“It’s not a scary drug that will get you high and addicted,” said Kolb. “I have seen some push back from people associating it with marijuana and getting high or they think it might be dangerous like prescription pills.”

In addition to stand alone orders, Xwerks products are available wholesale to fitness enthusiasts interested in carrying them in their gym or store.

“Wholesale has been a big part of our growth,” said Kolb. “We have many new CBD wholesale customers but it’s also exciting that our existing wholesale customers selling our other products are now adding CBD to their lineup.”

As more research emerges about the benefits and uses for CBD, the sky’s the limit for what Kolb and his company can do in the coming years.




Calling all warriors! NATALLI RIZE returns to Moes. the Ever Rizing Tour, by popular demand, has been extended into summer. Her powerhouse 5 piece band from Jamaica & Australia return in full force for an unforgettable experience.  Rounding out this International Reggae Showcase is Marla Brown (daughter of Dennis Brown) Ancestree& DJ Soultry Dubs.  

ABOUT NATALLI RIZE- Ask her where she comes from and she’ll tell you “All directions.” It’s an apt description of a singer who defies boundaries; culturally, musically and spiritually. The Nattali Rize debut album “Rebel Frequency” hit the streets in 2017 to high acclaim, impacting worldwide charts & hearts! Known for their epic, high energy, thought provoking and uplifting live performances, with a new album dropping and global tour schedule, the international powerhouse band (Australia/Jamaica) delivers a raw energy and vibe, channeling a deep reggae influence in a New Era Style. But this is more than genre labels. The music, message & intention transcends, forget the borders and waters that divide us, the movement is to ignite the great remembrance of who we are, our collective power, what we can be, to break the mental conditioning and find full freedom in this lifetime. Get ready to be moved!

“Nattali is a bright light in the world with a vision that extends beyond the stage.” Michael Franti (Spearhead)

“They Present as an Army on a mission!”  – Deb Kloeden


Dry Diggings Camping

Dry Diggings Festival

Friday 8/30- 8am- 9pm



Reservation Only – Designated 15 x 20 foot area with site numbers.

Example Campsite diagram:




Reservation Only

Water and limited power will be available.

We advise you bring a 75′ water hose and ‘Y’ spigot. Along with a three prong 12 gauge+ 100′ extension cord. This will assist in getting power and water to your exact location.

If you do not bring these items, we cannot guarantee that you will have power and water accessible.


August 30th, 2019 starting at 8AM


September 1st, at 11AM


8am-2am. You can leave the grounds after 2am but won’t be let back in the grounds until 8am.


For the safety of everyone camping at Dry Diggings Festival please respect the following rules:


  • All campers subject to search.
  • All campers MUST have a weekend admission to the festival.
  • Ice chests / coolers allowed in for the weekend on Friday only. We will not allow ice chest / coolers through the gates on Saturday or Sunday.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No campfires or charcoal grills (cook stoves OK). Propane grills are allowed
  • No unauthorized vending.
  • No illegal substances of any kind.
  • No motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, segways)
  • No glass
  • No metal kegs
  • All underage campers (17 and under) MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • Underage use or possession of alcohol will not be tolerated.
  • Please set up your tent in designated areas only.
  • Attendees who do not have camping wristband will not be allowed into the campgrounds.
  • Quiet time will be enforced from 12AM to 8AM each night.  No amplified music, no drum circles.
  • Please place all trash in the nearest trash bin, no littering.
  • Please obey all of the “No Trespassing” signs
  • Oversized tents and shade structures will not be allowed.   Please use common sense and do not bring the worlds biggest tent!
  • All camping is at your own risk/ personal liability. Valuables should not be left unattended.
  • Have a great time!
  • Violation of any campground rule or policy may also lead to fines/and removal from campgrounds.

Dry Diggings

Dry Diggings Festival is a weekend of craft beer, music and camping. We have thoroughly planned out every aspect of the weekend, right down to Mimosa Mornings!
As the day progresses we will have several different activities. We are excited to provide a unique festival experience at Dry Diggings Festival.
Some of the highlights of the weekend, include:
That’s right Mimosa Mornings at Dry Diggings! For those that are 21+ we will be kicking off Saturday morning, bright and early the best way we know how; Mimosa’s in the morning!
Sat & Sun Aug 31 & Sept 1st from 9-11am in the Dry Diggings Social Club 

This is a music festival after all! We’ve brought together 20 incredible bands packed into 3 days of music!

We’ve handpicked our vendors so that we have some of the best at Dry Diggings Festival. Providing a wide variety of concessions, that will accommodate everyone, including vegan and gluten free options. As with all our events, we also will have a wide variety of art, clothing and craft vendors. There is sure to be something you’ll love!

Have you ever wondered what hop is? What an IPA is? Or even how beer is made? Brewers use their skills, knowledge, including science, but ultimately their imagination to craft their wonderful creations. The Brewery Knowledge Zone will give a bit of education on the brewery process from the professionals themselves!

Kick back & relax in the cooling lounges featuring shade & Misters!!
The Air conditioned pavilion and home to the Acoustic Pre Party, that will feature several different events through out the weekend including fun games, the signature Social Bar serving the best drinks all weekend, Tournaments, & more! 
FREE for day use on a first come first serve basis with seating & shade!