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ByMieko Perez

Global Healthcare Conversations with Mieko Perez ft. Dr. David Wise

June 26, 2021   |   By Mieko Hester-Perez

Dr. Wise began his business coaching and workplace consulting career in 1997. Since then, he has worked with numerous organizations in almost every industry and at every level. Such notable companies include Daimler-Chrysler, GMAC, Qualcomm, PPD & Abbott Labs.

He also worked with the government in varying capacities, including the GSA, Fish & Game, and Secret Service. His skill set of coaching C-Level executives and primary decision makers to successful goal and objective attainment made a name for himself as a thought leader, solutions provider, and forward thinker. Dr. Wise earned his Juris Doctorate in 2008, his Doctor of Management in 2002, and his MBA in 1998.

His experience in the following projects have contributed to his success as Chairman and Founder of Infinity Inc . Dr. Wise has been called upon for workplace morale, design, and structure in various capacities. He also developed a situational program for boosting productivity, creating self-awareness, increasing sales and efficiencies.

What is your personal story and mission that motivated you to work with cannabis?

I have always believed in the medicinal benefits of cannabis. My personal experience was the quarter sized mole on the top of my head that was discolored and irregular in shape. My doctor’s suggestion was to remove it surgically, However, that would have left a bald spot on my head.

So, I applied a topical treatment that we created and it completely removed the mole without a trace and did so in 3 months without regular application. Every doctor I show pictures too has a jaw dropping moment. In addition, I took on several clients to try cannabis as a medicinal alternative to pharmaceuticals, especially those recovering from or suffering from cancer.


All of them reported lower inflammation, less pain, and better appetite. Just the relief they felt was enough for me to believe that a natural plant such as cannabis was necessary in our arsenal of medicines to provide relief from a multitude of ailments...

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