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ByMieko Perez

Global Healthcare Conversations with Mieko Perez ft. Cannafora Founder

 By Mieko Hester-Perez

Cannafora is a medical cannabis treatment center for people with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The center offers a complete solution holistic approach (biological, emotional, environmental) that addresses all aspects of the patient’s life.

What is your personal story with choosing cannabis for your child on the spectrum?

Yuval, my severely autistic son is 27 now. Yuval is very restless and has a lot of anxiety, so when he was 12 years old, we started giving him antipsychotic medication on the recommendation of his doctors. But he just became worse and worse.

By the age of 17 he got epileptic seizures so we had to add anti-epileptic drugs. When he was around 17, he became very self-injurious, biting himself until bleeding. And sometimes very aggressive towards his cares or towards me.

There were years I refer to as “living in the shadow of hell”. Loving and caring for your child but frightened he will attack you…can’t be alone with him and can’t drive and take him to places.

So, even before cannabis, we weaned him off all those medications and found him to do better without them than with. But still, he had his outbursts, his restlessness and self-injurious behaviors.

Then, in 2014, I read that Israeli neurologists started prescribing high CBD whole plant oil for kids with intractable epilepsy. I reached out to them, but they said they couldn’t prescribe it to Yuval since his epilepsy is intractable and because autism was not a qualifying condition in Israel.

I decided we had nothing to lose and would find a way to give it a try. I read as much as I could on the internet about the cannabis plant, turned to an Israeli psychiatrist who treated hundreds of Israeli veterans with PTSD and finally, got access to medical marijuana for Yuval.

It was on October 2015. I remember thinking if Yuval responded amazingly to the treatment his mother would become the Israeli advocate for so many families choosing to treat their children with medical marijuana instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

In Yuval’s case, he responded best to a CBD-rich whole plant cannabis oil and vaporizing high-THC cannabis flower when he is agitated. CBD-dominant cannabis products without THC tended to increase his hyperactivity and anxiety. However, some children can experience significant improvements with CBD oil alone.

Do you think cannabis education for medical professionals and healthcare providers is lacking?

Definitely. Since cannabis is a very complicated plant, much more scientific research is needed to better understand: the different strains, cannabinoids and terpenes effects, different delivery methods, extraction methods, and vaporizing options.

Even today here in Israel, where autism is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana we have more and more doctors supporting this treatment option and willing to prescribe it. And since autism is so complex by itself most of the knowledge today comes from the patients themselves, and just small part of it from science.

And this is what I do here in Israel at Cannafora (Cannabis for Autism treatment center I’ve founded) – the “hands on” part with the families to get the right cannabis product and the right dosing and balance for their autistic child…

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ByMieko Perez

Global Healthcare Conversations with Mieko Perez ft. 101 Hemp Corporation CEO

By Mieko Hester-Perez

Tell us a little about the mission of your company.

I love helping others, seeing them realize their potential and being a change for good. I discovered the power of the cannabis plant in its raw form when it brought our child back to us from the fog so I committed my life’s work to pay it forward by educating the world about our story and how the hemp/cannabis plant can help billions of people around the world with its seemingly endless uses.

What is your personal story with choosing cannabis for your child on the autism spectrum?

Our son was diagnosed with severe, regressive autism and we came across some research that cannabis was helping kids with seizures and we prayed it would help our son. When we discovered raw, whole-plant cannabis high in CBDa that’s when we had our breakthrough.

Our son is no longer on the spectrum and so we set 101cbd.org to pay it forward and educate the world about this miracle plant.

Do you think cannabis education for medical professionals and healthcare providers is lacking?

There is a lack of training in the medical profession in the basic functions of the endocannabinoid system and the functions of cannabis in the body. There is an especially large gap in knowledge about the hemp-extracted CBD and the raw CBDa products available in the consumer market.

As many patients turn to these products on their own for pain, anxiety, sleep, and more serious health challenges, it is important for the medical profession to keep abreast of the latest research on benefits, guidance on choosing products, and dosing suggestions.

While there has been more familiarity with THC products in medical marijuana, there appears to be a lack of differentiating the usage and benefits of CBD versus THC.

There also is a lack of awareness of the potential negative effects of recommending THC products for children during brain development up to 25 years of age and the potential negative additive effect of THC on children with current neurological problems such as autism…

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ByMieko Perez

Global Healthcare Conversations with Mieko Perez ft. Luv n Cann Founders

By Mieko Hester-Perez

What is your personal story and mission that inspired you to go public with your son Aiden?

My wife and I sat down one day and realized that we rarely, if at all found other parents who looked like us. At times, we were managing our son’s condition on a daily basis sometimes twenty four hours a day and seven days a week (on alert.)

We’ve spoken to so many people in the industry from CBD manufacturers, doctors, pharmacists, and parents whose child had similar conditions but mostly with autism. As we continued to learn about our son’s condition and how to treat him the one thing that alluded us was parents who looked like us.

So, we decided to go public because in hopes that other parents like us would not be afraid to share their story and in turn we created the Luv N Cann podcast.

Do you think cannabis education for medical professionals and healthcare providers is lacking?

Yes, we do believe cannabis education for medical professionals and health care providers are lacking and that’s because of federal laws and the pharmaceutical industry that supports the medical and health care system.

When my wife and I go into doctors’ offices and share with them the alternative paths and the endocannabinoid system they often have no idea what we are talking about or why we’ve considered taking a holistic approach to healing our child.

We are huge proponents for education as it relates to cannabis, cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system…

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