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Crucial Vibes Unlimited Woodland Ca

Reggae Vibes, All the Time

Crucial Vibes Unlimited is a Rasta Reggae store in downtown Woodland, California Located at 521 Main St, It’s Also a Location where you can find your Chronic Fatigue Apparel. Lance Warren founded our shop in order to offer local residents a unique selection of international products. Lance came to California from Jamaica and has been in the retail business for more than 30 years. Crucial Vibes Unlimited has a warm, welcoming store environment with friendly customer service to compliment our eye-catching products.

Our shop carries a wide variety of Reggae Wear for the entire family and Novelty items perfect for gift giving. Some of our selection(s) includes T-Shirts, dresses, tapestries, blankets, hemp body care, incense, jewelry and more. We work hard to make sure the items found in our store are from environmentally sound and fair trade sources when ever possible. We want you to feel positively irie about shopping with us!

Come See Us

At Crucial Vibes Unlimited, we promote an irie, relaxed, friendly, and positive shopping experience. If you are looking for somewhere to shop where you can find Irie people, reggae music, with good quality and unique products all at an ideal location, visit us today.

At Crucial Vibes Unlimited, we are much more than a store. We believe in building a positive conscientious community. A community where Rasta, Reggae Lovers, Jamaicans, International travelers and people from all walks of life can come to enjoy a variety of unique products & find links to community events. We have everything from Island Style Comfortable Clothes, Dakine, Sac Roots, Accessories, Novelties, Home Decor & Hemp products to name a few. We strive to find new items that are environmentally friendly & fair trade when ever possible. We support small business and family producers of Irie crafts such as our handmade in Jamaica Rasta Tams. Our environmentally conscious shop aims to play a positive role in the Rasta Community in the Greater Sacramento, Davis Woodland and Northern California scene.