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ByMieko Perez

Business Ventures on the Horizon with Mieko Perez ft. Oklahoma’s Flower Therapy Dispensary

By Mieko Hester-Perez

What is your personal story and mission that motivated you to work with cannabis?

My story and mission that motivated me to work in cannabis probably started originally back in 2004 when I came home from school at Florida A&M University.

Courtesy of Terrance LeMaile

That summer, I was incredibly focused on breaking into the music business industry, so much that I felt confident enough to walk into my father’s private practice office and let him know that college wasn’t for me and I wanted to pursue starting my own business.

Long story short, it did not go over well and I was faced with a dose of reality. Making this decision led to me to moving out and figuring things out on my own like how I would make money and pursue my career goals.

I will touch on this lightly over time, because of course in 2004 -2005 the laws were nowhere to the point they are now. However, during this time was when I learned how good I could be as a knowledgeable resource for what people needed and how I could go about it relatively unseen and unheard.

I had an internship that turned into a job in Hollywood so my mobility around the city allowed me to be of service to all different types of individuals, that this plant connected me to.

Genuine conversations and interactions with people from different walks of life began to show me how much positive energy was provided with this plant.

I was able to observe California implement medical marijuana laws and start to see a framework that could make sense, instead of the risks I was previously taking.

Fast forward to life around early 2018, I found myself in Ohio trying to land a marketing job with a start-up company. In preparing for the possible relocation, I asked about how the medical cannabis policy would be handled and the job offer was pulled.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise and one of the primary moments in my life that led me to pursue what it would take for me for me to be able to capitalize in this new emerging LEGAL recreational market in California.

I was aware that less than one percent of people that looked like myself were represented in this new business. However, at the core of what this is, I couldn’t accept not trying. I told myself if I couldn’t find a way to talk to people about the health benefits of cannabis then maybe I need to reconsider everything I’m doing and reset…

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